Strength Within (Poem 9)

You gave me life.
Pushed me into and through this world,
Even when you knew you were done being wife.
You taught me how strong women can be; you broke the mould.

Action rules, it is what you do, not what you say, 
You showed me how to be strong,
Building a network of reciprocal friendships. There, come what may,
Standing on your own two feet, even when things seemed wrong.

Good food on the table, despite money being tight
Make do and mend; manners cost nothing; right from wrong,
I’ve been imbued with you, although I prefer vodka to gin with my tonic, 
You’ve always been there for me, I hope our mortal order won’t be ironic.

March 2019 finished July 2019


Through the Eye of the Storm (Poem 6)

Photo credit: my icklest ickle sister (24.7.19)

Through the Eye of the Storm

Not with glee or intrepid.
Started focused, calm and steady 
Blocked out noise and emotion around me.

Leading others and letting me be,
My choices. My journey. 
They said ‘you had no choice’
I prefer to say ‘I chose’. I used my voice, 
I chose my attitude; I chose some of the path,
I decided when to make people laugh.

In the dark, tuning into something bigger, deeper and quieter than you,
Your inner voice giving counsel, in the absence of a view.
Listen beneath the raging storm for your guide,
Despite the apparent lack of control; you decide.

At the end is certain death,
Timing unknown for that last breath
But sooner by their faces,
Beating this, another of life’s races.

The search for a force to pull you through, 
No direct experience to draw upon, nothing in lieu.
Umbilical cord gives you life,
But where is your thread of survival when this runs rife?

Experiences give you strength and some knowledge of endeavour, 
Loved ones around you, people worse off, all woven and twisted together,
Guiding you, empowering you, but not holding you up, not pulling you through.
This has to come from within you. 
Trusting yourself to navigate your new norm,
Your voice, your purpose, your choice, pulls you through the storm.

May and June 16th 2019