Foundation of Life (Poem 7)

Foundation of Life

I’ve hauled my body through rough terrain
To be upon these majestic planks,
Beside others, where many have lain
To be here, alive, present, I give thanks.

A new beginning, not at the bottom, nor the top,

But up amongst the fresh and fertile hills.
A long, long time, climbing to this welcome stop
Nature’s Italian majesty juxtaposition to life’s pills

All brought together before the place animals graze
The platform down in the valley; yet high
The gnarled, knotted wood bleached by life’s rays.
When is exhalation a ‘pranayama’ not a sigh?
We stretch ourselves over and around the props,
Emulating life’s obstacles, searching for learning.
Igniting our tejas from within, as the landscape drops
How much to peel open to discover the calm we’re yearning?

19thJune 2019 

5 thoughts on “Foundation of Life (Poem 7)

    1. So much stuff came out. I have a book full of started fragments, just need to build, edit and publish. That week will forever be in my heart as a turning point and a force for good. Thank you Cx


  1. This is beautiful Claire. I loved hearing about this retreat, the ‘shaking’ (I’m sure there’s a technical term 😉) and all that meant. I hope there will be other such experiences. Much love. Chrissie xx


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